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Adam F. Jones

Consultant | Author | Speaker

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Adam's transformational talks. 

Captivating. Transformative. Real and Raw. Everything you need to create an unforgettable experience that impacts every person in your audience.

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Detect and defeat the four weapons destroying your peace, purpose, and power.



A letter from Adam. 

I never set out to become a professional speaker or to teach leadership development.

My lifelong dream was to become a Black Hawk pilot, and I achieved that dream. But along the way, I realized that personal success alone doesn't bring fulfillment. That to find my life, I needed to lose my life. I decided that I had a responsibility to share the wisdom gained from my time serving as an army officer and consultant with top-tier teams, not for my fame, but because it's the right thing to do.

Witnessing the lack of good leadership examples, I couldn't stand by. Mediocre managers. Disconnected directors. It seemed like everyone was just buying their time and trying to protect their title that would one day fade.

I believe in leading with intentionality and love, not just titles or labels. So, here's the truth: the world is waiting for you. Your unique perspective, your lens, holds immense value. Don't wait until you feel fully prepared; start using what you have today. If you would like to arrange a conversation, perhaps you're looking for an executive coach or a transformational speaker for your next event, I'd be honored to meet you. 



Request Adam for your event? 



How it works. 

After you send a request to reserve Adam, you will get an email from our Event Engagement Director to schedule a discovery call where you'll chat with Adam. To prepare for the call you will want to have the following ready:

Event Idea/theme
Projected Audience Size
Date of Event (or estimate)
Estimated Budget 

On the call, we'll see if there is a fit. Make sure to review Adam's speaker brochure beforehand to help maximize your time together. Here's the brochure. 


I am a product of the incredible mentors and role models who blazed the trail before me. Their wisdom and guidance have instilled in me a strong sense of professional ethics, integrity, and excellence. Through their example, I have cultivated a deep passion for my work and a desire to leave a positive impact on the world.

About Me
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"Fear falls when we focus on others."

Adam F. Jones

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