I'm Adam.

I'm thinking you must have either read my book, heard about me from a friend, or watched one of my videos.

Regardless of how you got here, I'm honored to serve you.

This site contains some of my best resources and connections to my company, Kingdom Operatives. Whether you are looking to inspire your team with a keynote, restore key relationships with a new plan of attack, or develop yourself as a're in the right place. 



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Mr. Shawn Graff,

Government Executive

"It was evident he possessed the leadership qualities to assist with more complex strategic planning initiatives."


Dr. Jos,

Motivational Speaker

"I heard Adam during one of our virtual corporate challenges - his articulation, his spirit, and presence illuminated through the screen."


John McArn,


"I’m learning how to lead with leaders and allow them to lead me. I haven’t trusted a lot of leadership in my life. You’ve gained my trust Cap!"



Transformational Leadership Training

Looking for a training that will take your team to the next level? Our in-person or virtual training topics combine a practical leadership strategy to help you equip and empower your team.

Unlock the Leader Within

Learn the basics of developing influence with this 8-lesson training series.

Strategic Planning Secrets

You can't afford to do it all. In this training series you'll learn the transformational tactics needed to equip and empower your team. 

Lead A Legacy

Want to become a better spouse and parent?  Learn how to confidently align your family for purpose with these battle tested tactics.

Raise Your Resiliency

Stop the drift and get back on course. In this masterclass from Adam's signature book, you'll learn a four-phase approach to move from maxed out to transformed