Trying to build a unified team that gets lasting results is overwhelming


Many teams today struggle to operate at their full capacity due to a lack of unity and proper training. When team members are not aligned in their goals, communication, and decision-making processes, it can lead to inefficiencies, misunderstandings, and a decrease in overall performance.

Additionally, many teams lack the necessary training and skills to think critically and make informed decisions in a timely manner. The Blue Sky Leadership Strategy™ develops your leaders using our three specializations and provides a progressive plan that increases results and raises performance. 

If you don't have the right strategy...

  • Engagement suffers

  • Culture is weakened and trust is lost

  • Time is wasted and you don’t move the ball forward

  • Clients are lost because you're not delivering on your brand promise

  • Team members leave without sharing any signs of frustration

Which all leads to lower morale and continually feeling overwhelmed.


We don’t want that for you.

Kingdom Operatives has trained top-tier leaders to transform their teams and our strategy will work for you too.

Get a 3-Step Strategy to Build Transformational Teams

Join the Transformational Leadership Academy and deploy a three-step strategy that will train your leaders to equip and empower their teams.

Increase Retention

Stop losing your best your best players and start building a team that attracts excellence

Inspire Engagement

Never worry again if you can trust your team to get the job done with you

Ignite Ownership 

Never miss another milestone or a lose a major client when the stakes are high

What would your team feel like if your leaders were trained to become more...


Our first specialization called COMMAND PRESENCE will train your leaders to develop their influence so they become a leader leader that others want to follow.


Our second specialization called SITUATIONAL AWARENESS will train your leaders to become more effective so they learn to see more and before others see.


Our third specialization called MISSION READINESS will train your leaders to build a resilient mindset and team that confidently advances through adversity. 

With our Strategy We Can Make that a Reality.

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Topics Include

  • Transformational Team Leadership

  • Compassionate Candor & Unity

  • Overcoming Fear and Building Resilience

  • Level Up Your Leadership 


Book Adam to Speak to Your Team

Want to raise the level of intentionality and resilience in your organization? Want to ensure your team is equipped with skills to cope with mental health challenges?

As a national speaker and the author of Weapons of Mass Deception, Adam has been privileged to travel the country with his message of transformation.

Whether he’s speaking to a corporation, championship team, or company leaders, his message is sure to ignite and inspire.