Detect and Defeat the Four Weapons Destroying Your Peace, Purpose, and Power.

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"Weapons of Mass Deception is a life-changing book. It captures the reader with raw authenticity."


Is it possible that the stress, anxiety, and tension that you’ve been suppressing in your heart, has been spreading into your home?

Does it seem like no matter what you do, it’s never enough?

Are you maxed out, exhausted, and drifting through life?

You’re not alone. Adam F. Jones, former U.S. Army Captain and UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter pilot, provides you with a proven plan of attack to defeat darkness and deploy freedom.

In Weapons of Mass Deception, you’ll learn how to:

  • Detect the four weapons cleverly concealed in your ambition.
  • Defeat chronic stress and anxiety using military tactics.
  • Restore the heart of your home with a proven process.
  • Unlock your greatest level of confidence and clarity.
  • Break destructive patterns and beliefs.
  • Operate with a sense of transformational peace and power.

Weapons of Mass Deception delivers a much-needed message of hope and restoration for high-performing leaders and their families. Restore what has been broken as you begin to defeat the weapons of mass deception that threaten you and those you lead.

What weapon will you defeat today?

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